2:26 For he longed after you all. Was very desirous to see you.

And was full of heaviness. Heart-sickness.

Because that ye had heard that he had been sick. We thus learn that their messenger had a serious sickness while in Rome. Of course the news of this caused great anxiety at home.

2:26 He was full of heaviness - Because he supposed you would be afflicted at hearing that he was sick.

2:19-30 It is best with us, when our duty becomes natural to us. Naturally, that is, sincerely, and not in pretence only; with a willing heart and upright views. We are apt to prefer our own credit, ease, and safety, before truth, holiness, and duty; but Timothy did not so. Paul desired liberty, not that he might take pleasure, but that he might do good. Epaphroditus was willing to go to the Philippians, that he might be comforted with those who had sorrowed for him when he was sick. It seems, his illness was caused by the work of God. The apostle urges them to love him the more on that account. It is doubly pleasant to have our mercies restored by God, after great danger of their removal; and this should make them more valued. What is given in answer to prayer, should be received with great thankfulness and joy.