18:2 How long [will it be ere] {a} ye make an end of words? {b} mark, and afterwards we will speak.

(a) Who count yourselves just as Job 12:4.

(b) Whom you take to be only beasts, as in Job 12:7.

18:2 Ye - Thou, O Job; of whom he speaks here, as also ver.3, in the plural number, as was a common idiotism of the Eastern language, to speak thus of one person, especially where he was one of eminency. Mark - Consider the matter better.

18:1-4 Bildad had before given Job good advice and encouragement; here he used nothing but rebukes, and declared his ruin. And he concluded that Job shut out the providence of God from the management of human affairs, because he would not admit himself to be wicked.