1:19 The beauty of Israel is {h} slain upon thy high places: how are the mighty fallen!

(h) Meaning Saul.

1:19 Beauty - Their flower and glory. Saul and Jonathan, and their army. High places - Heb. upon thy high places; that is, those which belong to thee, O land of Israel. How - How strangely! How suddenly! How universally!

1:17-27 Kasheth, or the bow, probably was the title of this mournful, funeral song. David does not commend Saul for what he was not; and says nothing of his piety or goodness. Jonathan was a dutiful son, Saul an affectionate father, therefore dear to each other. David had reason to say, that Jonathan's love to him was wonderful. Next to the love between Christ and his people, that affection which springs form it, produces the strongest friendship. The trouble of the Lord's people, and triumphs of his enemies, will always grieve true believers, whatever advantages they may obtain by them.