5:1 The {1} elders which are among you {2} I exhort, who am also an elder, and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed:

(1) He describes peculiarly the office of the Elders, that is to say, of them that have the care of the Church.

(2) He uses a preface concerning the circumstance of his own person: that is, that he as their companion communes with them not of manners which he knows not, but in which he is as well experienced as any, and propounds to them no other condition but that which he himself has sustained before them, and still takes the same trouble, and also has the same hope together with them.

5:1 Conclusion


A Charge to the Elders. The Young Exhorted. Humility Enjoined. Watchfulness. Salutations from the Brethren at Babylon.

The elders which are among you. That Peter means the officers, not the aged persons, is shown by 1Pe 5:2.

Who am also an elder. An elder as well as an apostle. He exhorts them as one of themselves.

And a witness of the sufferings of Christ. An eye witness of what Christ suffered and of his resurrection.

And also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed. An heir of the glory that shall be revealed when Christ comes.

5:1 I who am a fellow - elder - So the first though not the head of the apostles appositely and modestly styles himself. And a witness of the sufferings of Christ - Having seen him suffer, and now suffering for him.

5:1-4 The apostle Peter does not command, but exhorts. He does not claim power to rule over all pastors and churches. It was the peculiar honour of Peter and a few more, to be witnesses of Christ's sufferings; but it is the privilege of all true Christians to partake of the glory that shall be revealed. These poor, dispersed, suffering Christians, were the flock of God, redeemed to God by the great Shepherd, living in holy love and communion, according to the will of God. They are also dignified with the title of God's heritage or clergy; his peculiar lot, chosen for his own people, to enjoy his special favour, and to do him special service. Christ is the chief Shepherd of the whole flock and heritage of God. And all faithful ministers will receive a crown of unfading glory, infinitely better and more honourable than all the authority, wealth, and pleasure of the world.